ePHR®—Electronic Policyholder Report

Travelers Premium Audit is proud to offer our business clients an online tool to complete periodic premium audits. If you have previously used ePHR, you will find the enhanced ePHR product allows easier registration, better navigation and faster completion. ePHR® allows you to save or print a copy of your completed report and directly upload the required supporting documentation. Best of all, report questions are customized for your business. Thank you for your business.

Returning User ?


If you are a returning user, you can login with your user name and password that you previously created.

First Time User ?


Tip! Have your ePHR Invitation Letter available - you'll need some information from it to complete registration.

Need additional assistance?

Please contact customer service at 1.800.842.4271, or by email at auditcs@travelers.com.

Read the ePHR FAQs.

Access examples, forms and other resources at Travelers Premium Audit.