Premium Audit

Premium Audit

A premium audit ensures your premium is accurate

Your premium has been estimated based on information provided by you, your Agent or Producer prior to the start of your policy term. Because your business may change during the policy year we want to make sure that your premium accurately reflects the state of your business over the policy term. This entails reviewing the original estimate against your actual payroll and business operations and is referred to as a premium audit. This is a standard industry practice and your participation in providing this information is essential in order to calculate your final premium.

Completing your premium audit

You will receive an invitation to complete your audit online or in person. Your type of audit is determined based on premium size, type of operation, and state requirements. In either case you will be advised of the documents needed for your audit (refer to FAQs for example forms) as well as instructions for online registration. This site will help you understand how to prepare and what to expect for your audit. Should you need assistance or have questions that aren’t addressed on this site, our customer service team is available to help.

Once registered, Premium Audit online provides the following convenient features:

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