Premium Audit

Premium Audit

Periodic reviews ensure your premium is accurate

Your business operations may ebb and flow based on market conditions. That fluctuation could affect the amount you pay in insurance premium.

Travelers, through our Premium Audit department, conducts periodic reviews to ensure that the estimated premium your agent and our underwriter established at the beginning of the policy period accurately reflects any shift in business operations that have occurred since.

Large or complex business structures typically require an in-person review of your operations, while other businesses may need only complete a policyholder report. Please use this site to get answers to your questions and understand how the process works.

ePHR® - An easier way to provide information

To make reporting easier for you, business customers who previously completed paper Policyholder Reports may be invited to try a new tool Premium Audit is introducing - the Electronic Policyholder Report (ePHR®). It offers a streamlined way for you to provide Travelers with the information needed to complete the periodic review of your business.

Here's how it will work: At the end of your policy period, eligible policyholders will receive a letter inviting you to use ePHR to provide information about your business operations. With the letter in hand, it's just three easy steps and you're done.

  1. Register your Electronic Policyholder Report using our secure system.
  2. Complete an online interview, tailored to your business.
  3. Fax or upload any requested supporting documentation.

Learn more about ePHR.